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Princeton Needs Mia Sacks’s Voice, Energy in Planning Future

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Letter to Princeton Town Topics, 3/13/2019, Linda Oppenheim

To the Editor:

Linda Oppenheim

It is rare that a candidate for local office elicits the enthusiasm and confidence with which I endorse Mia Sacks for Princeton Council. It is time for Princeton to undertake a comprehensive review of our zoning code and municipal planning processes through the lens of social justice. Princeton’s Master Plan and land use ordinances should be updated to more robustly reflect our community values of diversity and inclusion. Mia’s extensive background in civil liberties advocacy combined with her experience on the Planning Board provide her with the requisite tools to participate in this crucial work.

For Princeton to become a community that is truly welcoming, we must do more than put signs proclaiming that value on our lawns. We must fully acknowledge and work to overcome our town’s segregated history. It is time to elect officials willing to go beyond rhetoric about equity to lead the way in making decisions that embrace affordable housing and progressive zoning policies. As a proven leader in the community and founding member of the Princeton Progressive Action Group, Mia has already demonstrated the conscientious hard work, expertise, and passion that will propel us forward.

Princeton needs Mia’s voice on our Council and her energy in planning our future. I urge voters to join me in supporting Mia Sacks for Princeton Council and in voting for her on June 4.

Linda Oppenheim S. Harrison Street


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