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Mia’s Priorities for Princeton
Rigorous Fiscal Leadership


  • Make every decision by weighing the benefit of public expenditure against its impact to social and economic diversity in our community.

  • Support transparent, zero-based budgeting.

  • Better understand the financial costs to the municipality of the many tax-exempt institutions located in Princeton.

Proactive Planning


  • Update Community Master Plan to reflect our community values of diversity and inclusion.

  • Change Princeton’s zoning ordinances to preserve and expand middle class housing options.

  • Support land use policies that incentivize mixed-use, pedestrian and transit-oriented development.

  • Expand access to safe and sustainable transportation options;  coordinate with regional partners for more efficient traffic management.


Environmentally Responsible Policies


  • Implement Princeton’s Climate Action Plan.

  • Adopt energy conservation measures in municipal and school buildings that save taxpayer money.

  • Enhance the resilience of municipal infrastructure and local ecological systems to climate change.

Strategic Economic Development


  • Prioritize economic development starting with creation of an Economic Action Plan for Princeton.

  • Attract low-impact commercial development to expand our tax base.

  • Support local businesses by streamlining the review and permitting processes.

  • Develop a more productive relationship with Princeton University that ensures maximum benefit to the town we share.






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