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Council Candidate Mia Sacks Has Lengthy Track Record of Leadership

To the Editor:

You think the 2020 election is important to our country? How about the November 5 election right here in our town! Leadership in Princeton is about to take a journey into the future … our shared future. In three weeks, we must decide who will be navigating the good ship Princeton on this all-important voyage.

This should not be a popularity contest. What Princeton desperately needs are the best, the brightest, and the most competent leaders at the helm. At the top of that list is Mia Sacks. Her lengthy track record of leadership speaks for itself. From her exhaustive background in this nation’s leading social justice organizations, to her efforts on behalf of our children in Princeton Public Schools, to her work on smart planning and sustainability in Princeton, Mia is someone others go to when they want or see a need for action.

In last June’s Democratic primary it was no surprise that, of Princeton’s 22 voting districts, Mia won 18 outright and tied for first place in two more. People in every sector of this community have direct experience with Mia’s commitment to helping us individually and collectively. She has demonstrated the way in which strategic planning and responsive leadership can bring vision to fruition. Most importantly, Mia’s vision for the future prioritizes equity and is informed by a deeply-rooted awareness of Princeton’s inequitable past.

Affordable housing, taxes, displacement, parking management, open space, shared services with our schools, more accountable government, support for local merchants, ensuring diversity and inclusion, and upcoming negotiations with the University are all on the docket as priority issues for our new Council members to address. I cannot in good conscience sit on the sidelines when so much is at stake, and nor should you. We have the opportunity to support a uniquely competent and caring candidate who will lead as one of us. Please join me in supporting Mia Sacks for Princeton Council.

Leighton Newlin Birch Avenue

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