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Mia Sacks is the right choice for Princeton Council

To the Editor,

Election season is upon us once again. All of New Jersey will vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5. Yet unlike the “blue wave” election of 2018, where four U.S. House of Representatives seats flipped blue in New Jersey alone due to renewed democratic enthusiasm and an extremely unpopular president, the stakes are different this year. With no federal offices at the “top of the ticket,” the issues headlining this year’s electoral contests are all local.

On the ballot are all 80 State Assembly seats plus a myriad of candidates for local offices in each municipality. Princeton’s local elections, especially for council, are critical for impacting so many of the issues we experience in everyday life. Even more pressing is the future of our town and how it must be shaped through the lenses of affordability, inclusion and sustainability to welcome all who wish to have a place in our growing town.

I wholeheartedly support Mia Sacks for Princeton Council. Mia has been a steadfast supporter of human rights and progressive policies all her life. She brings extensive knowledge on a host of local issues, having served on countless local committees and commissions in the town. I and so many others have been proud to volunteer for Mia’s campaign. I deeply feel the diligence, integrity and passion that have fueled this campaign from its inception. Having garnered by far the most votes in the primary election this past June, clearly the people of Princeton believe in Mia as I do.

There can be no substantial progress without a deep commitment to empathizing with, internalizing and understanding all the issues and struggles we face as a town, and there is truly no candidate more committed than Mia Sacks. Our vote on Nov. 5, is more important than ever. Voter turnout in “off-year” elections typically reaches historical lows, making each individual vote that much more pivotal. While it can be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to divorce the literal chaos that currently inhabits the White House from our everyday lives, I urge you to be reminded of how critical our local officials are in fighting for us.

The evidence all points to the same conclusion: Mia Sacks is without a doubt the right choice for Princeton Council. Make your voice heard on Nov. 5.

With great enthusiasm,

Chris Fistonich, Ph.D.


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