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Mia Sacks for Council: Experience that Matters

To the Editor:

Princeton needs representatives on Council with proven experience building community and making policy to stand the test of time.

Mia Sacks has worked tirelessly and without fanfare, building trust and delivering results for our community for over a decade. If you know Mia even just a bit, you already know she succeeds not by wielding power, but through empowering others.

Mia’s professional experience with nonprofit advocacy, leadership, and governance has prepared her to serve effectively on Council. She has a proven track record of competence and commitment, both here at home and abroad.

For example, as a program officer for public health at the Soros Foundation, Mia was responsible for overseeing the development, funding, implementation, and evaluation of public health projects throughout the former Soviet bloc countries. The scale, complexity, and impact of her programs, which disbursed more than $30 million annually, was remarkable, and required her to skillfully navigate intricate social and political systems.

As a program officer, Mia was adept at navigating complex professional networks. She worked closely with the Harvard School of Public Health, the World Health Organization, USAID, and the World Bank, to develop the first Global Investment Plan for Tuberculosis. Mia oversaw a program that brought physicians from the U.S. to train their counterparts in the former Soviet Union, as well as programs that funded prison reform, disability rights advocacy, and early research into palliative care treatment.

Past performance tends to be an indicator of future results, and Mia comes prepared to confront the challenges we face in Princeton with tough analytical thinking, diplomacy, hard work, and relevant experience.

We’re fortunate that Mia is all-in for Princeton and will continue to deliver for our community. As a result, we’re all-in for Mia: she is without a doubt the right choice for Princeton on November 5!

Claire and David Jacobus Cleveland Lane

Bill Schofield Gallup Road

Felicia Spitz Haslet Avenue

Ross Wishnick Edgerstoune Road

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