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Sacks Offers Integrity, Commitment, Sense of Community

Kate Warren writes letter supporting #MiaForPrinceton to @TownTopicsNewspaper on April 24th

To the Editor:

It is clear: Princeton is at a crossroad. Together we either succeed or fail in preserving what makes Princeton one of the most desirable municipalities in the United States.

Kate Warren

I have known Mia Sacks since she was a young girl growing up in Princeton. I have watched her mature into an amazing woman — intelligent, committed to making life better for others, collaborative — always working hard behind the scene helping others achieve great things.

She understands the importance of the Master Plan and its long-reaching effects on the future of Princeton. Her hands-on approach in working toward consensus building using her incredible skills to organize and synthesize a complexity of issues proves she is more than competent to take a place at the dais.

I enthusiastically support her candidacy and strongly believe it is time for Mia to come to the forefront and be recognized as the leader she is, working for the betterment of Princeton as a member of council at this critical time in our history.

Her actions speak far better than any words in proving her integrity, commitment, and sense of community. Please join me in voting for Mia Sacks on June 4th.

Kate Warren Jefferson Road

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