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Mia Sacks Has the Commitment To Ensure Princeton’s Green Future

Heidi Fichtenbaum writes letter supporting #MiaForPrinceton to @TownTopicsNewspaper on May 1st

To the Editor:

According to the IPCC special report, the planet will reach 1.5 °C global warming by 2030. To stay below this level, we must increase our use of renewable energy sources, balance land-use and create green jobs.

Heidi Fichtenbaum

You may have heard that “green is the new black.” At the state and national level, Democratic leaders are calling for a Green New Deal: a transformative program of investments in clean-energy infrastructure and jobs. Our elected officials at the municipal level must also do their part.

We must find ways to address climate change, protect water quality, reduce waste, expand access to sustainable transit options, and build resiliency to climate-related impacts for the vulnerable among us — all in a way that is equitable and economically sound.

Implementing the Green New Deal locally means planning for amenity-rich neighborhoods with a range of housing options that includes duplexes and accessory dwelling units. It means building the affordable housing anticipated in Princeton to the highest standard of energy efficiency and close to essential goods, services, and employment.

Sustainable places are where you can procure all your daily needs because there is a strong local merchant community and you can choose to work where you live. Sustainable places are beautiful, vibrant, and engaging. They make us feel we belong.

I believe we are at key moment in Princeton’s development. We face many challenges but also have a lot going for us, including a distinct identity with a walk-able town center forged by those who contributed to our history.

This election cycle provides us a chance to move forward with a leader, Mia Sacks, who has the vision, experience, work ethic, and commitment to ensure Princeton’s green future. Mia’s vision of sustainability encompasses much more than environmental protection; she will work for a town that is financially sustainable, socioeconomically diverse, and which builds community and connection into an uncertain future.

Please join me in voting on June 4 for Mia Sacks.

Heidi Fichtenbaum Former Chair of the Princeton Environmental Commission Carnahan Place

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